Greetings, gentle human – I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.

I know there’s not much to see yet, but this is about as complete a fresh start as it gets. My first instinct was to launch this blog in a few months with pre-written content in place and an editorial calendar and a social media plan in place, with all of those proverbial ducks lined up in their rows like I was in control and knew what I was doing.


You and I both know that no matter how much we want perfection right out of the gate, that’s just not the way things happen. To be honest, though, it’s my favorite form of procrastination self-sabotage. I spent several weeks in December planning and making lists on what to include at launch, brainstorming how I could help others reach the places I wanted to go- luckily, I came to my senses.

The whole point of this new beginning is the journey. The concept is tattooed on my ankles, for goodness’ sake. (“How come you don’t care where you’re going?” “Because how you get there is the worthier part.”) (RIP Ron Glass) (If you don’t know about Firefly we may not be able to be friends. Just sayin’.)

So instead, I stripped it down. Just me. Just you. Nothing fancy, nothing prepared. We’re building this thing together, you and I. I’m finding my way through this, and I’d love for you to walk with me.